Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There's not much of an update for me to give on the puppies except that they are growing like crazy!! I can't believe how big they have gotten in just a week and a half! They are still pretty boring though... kind of like newborn babies. All they really do is sleep and eat. They still don't really walk around, they kind of crawl or scoot around on their bellies. They still haven't opened their eyes, BUT their little noses are starting to turn black which is kind of fun to watch. Here is a picture so you can see what I mean with their noses... see all the little black specks?

Here are a lot of pictures..

I find them sleeping all cuddled up to each other all the time! Aren't they so sweet?!

Ellie sure has taken on the role of being a mama perfectly!! She NEVER leaves their side...with the exception for getting food and water. It's so fun to watch her love on her pups!

I love this next one!
Yesterday while watching TV I looked over and saw Ellie like this...

haha Luckily I had my camera right beside me so I could get a picture. I don't know why she was laying like that.... It must have been comfortable for her I guess! But you can see how swollen her little belly is and if you look closely, you can see the scar from her C-Section. Luckily, it's healing pretty fast!
So I guess thats it for now! We're just waiting anxiously for these little guys to open those eyes!!

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  1. They seem so much bigger than last weekend!They look like they have gained some weight! They are so cute! Keep posting pics so I can keep up with my grand-puppies!!!


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