Friday, April 9, 2010

Some men just couldn't ever be a "stay at home dad"

Because Ben's "busy season" is finally over, he decided to take yesterday and today off from work to have some free time, relax, catch up on sleep, and of course watch the Masters. I didn't really ask him to do anything productive yesterday because I wanted him to enjoy his time off. Today, I had him run one tiny errand for me and casually mentioned to him how happy I would be if I came home and our apartment was somewhat "tidy." (This week I haven't had any time to clean up so it's kind of messy!) I just meant to kind of pick things up and put them where they belong...That was it. And, That was the worst idea ever.

I came home and our apartment was the MESSIEST it has ever been. haha I don't know what happened. I just stood in shock. I probably should have taken a picture.. but I didn't. Apparently he had such good intentions of cleaning up, but never fully finished a task so he ended up making an even bigger mess. haha For instance, I had washed and dried some clothes the other day, but the clothes were still in the dryer. He decided to get them out, bring them in the living room so that he could fold them... only he must have gotten distracted, because the entire pile is still sitting on the floor. There were envelopes and notecards spread all over the couch... literally. I was so proud, and I asked him how many thank you notes he had written today... he changed the subject at first. Then I asked again with a huge smile on my face, and he said zero. haha Why they were all spread out everywhere, I have no idea... haha Must have gotten distracted again. I then walked back to our bedroom to change clothes, and our bedroom looked like a tornado had come through there. The bed was a HUGE wreck. Pillows and blankets were all over the floor, and our comforter and sheets were halfway off the bed. His clothes and shoes were everywhere. The towel he must have used after the shower was on the floor (This usually wouldn't have been worth noting..Just with everything else, it added to the chaos so I'm trying to give you a mental picture! haha) Some of our dirty clothes (from the laundry room) were dragged in there on the floor. haha I just didn't even ask how they got there.

To continue, in the kitchen there were random spices and ingredients out covering the counters. He had gotten something from the bottom shelf of our pantry, which had caused some other stuff to shift, making the door to the cabinet not close all the way. haha I then looked down and poor little Ellie's dish was completely empty. I filled it with dog food and Ellie literally ran over there and started eating...and eating...and eating. Bless her heart, she must have been starving. haha Needless to say, Ben and I have seriously laughed so hard this afternoon at what a disaster the apartment has become, and what good intentions he really had but never followed through with. haha He specifically said to me " I could never be a stay at home dad. I can't get anything done around here." haha I just laughed.

In all honesty, I really didn't intend on him doing much of anything except just tidying up a bit. He has been working so hard lately so I really wanted him to enjoy the day off. I had no idea that saying "tidy up" would cause him to create such a war zone. haha What would he do without me?! haha... At least he was trying to be helpul...I guess he gets an A for effort!

To his defense, I will say that he just cleaned the bathroom. haha That is the only room of the apartment that I've alwasy told him I can't clean. I will clean everything else if he will do that. So he cleaned it up, and just left for run outside for some exercise. Guess I better get up and clean the rest of this chaos up before he gets home. We are grilling out tonight and I'm excited...YUM! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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