Monday, May 17, 2010


I apoligize for my slacking lately in blog posts. Last week was kind of a hectic week. Ben was actually out of town all week in Atlanta for work, so I was left to hold down the fort on my own. On Thursday night, I met my mom in between Birmingham and Decatur to give her the puppies so that they could spend the weekend with their grandparents while we were out of town. I then drove straight to Atlanta to meet Ben. We met up and had dinner with two of his pledge brothers, and then headed back to the hotel to get some rest before a busy and eventful weekend. The next morning we made the drive all the way to Orlando because Ben was in one of his good friends wedding there. It was a long drive, but it actually went by pretty fast. We got there just in time to change clothes and head straight to the rehearsal dinner. The next day, the wedding was at 2 in the afternoon. While the boys had to be at the church early for pictures, me and two other girls headed to the mall for a little shopping. I didn't really buy anything but still enjoyed hanging out with the girls and was so glad to be out and about instead of sitting in the hotel room wasting time. The rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception were all so beautiful and so much fun, and I am so glad that we were able to be there for it!

Here are the only four pictures that I took over the whole weekend...I wish I had more!

Because the wedding was so far away, most of the guests stayed at the same hotel. After wishing the happy couple off to their honeymoon, all of the guests and the grooms family headed to dinner at a great Italian place down the road. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was. It was chaos, but we laughed so hard the whole night. I don't know what made it so much fun, but Ben and I both agree that that was the most fun we have had in a while. After dinner we all hung out around the hotel pool. It was great to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones too!!

The next morning started the LOOOOONNGGEESSST day of my life. haha We woke up around 10 and planned on leaving soon after that to head back home. We wanted to make a quick stop at the mall though because I wanted to look for a couple of things, and they also had a Dillards and Ben loves a certain brand of shirts that only they carry, and of course there is no Dillards in Birmingham. The mall didn't open until 12. We ran around quickly, bought me 1 shirt, Ben 4 shirts and a pair of shoes and by that time it was already 2:00 (Eastern Time). We then braced ourselves for the dreaded drive. We originally were suppose to go back to Atlanta to pick up my car, then past Birmingham to meet my mom to pick the puppies back up, and then back to Birmingham. However, it took soo long that we didn't get back to Birmingham until 11 so we decided not to meet my mom for the puppies. I seriously thought we were never going to get home.

The drive was horrible. Ben and I played the alphabet game not once, but twice (where you each find a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet.. I ended up winning by the way, of course!), we sang songs, I attempted to teach Ben sign language for the entire alphabet (which was a disaster). We seriously tried everything we could to entertain ourselves. We eventually got so delirious that we were acting like lunatics and laughed at EVERYTHING... even if it WASNT funny. To show you how ridiculous we were, check out this song that we made up...(And we were so serious while making this up.. It was not a joke)

It is sung to the tune, "Twelve Days of Christmas" (What started this you ask? Neither of us have a clue...)
" On the twelth day of football my true love gave to me-
-12 KA pledges
-11 Trooper towels
-10 KD pins
-9 Auburn Jerseys
-8 Mini Whiskeys
-7 frozen lemonades
-6 touchdown points
-5 T P Rolls (think Toomers corner)
-4 Auburn Shakers
-3 wide receivers
-2 player autographs
and 1 eagle flying 'round Jordan Hare.

Yes.. I am halfway ashamed to even share that with anybody. However, I can't help but laugh at it now. Also, I know you are probably thinking I did this on my own. Wrong. Ben was almost more in to it than me (Even the Auburn-ness. He is the one that came up with Trooper towels!) I remember when I made a suggestion for 12, he said "No, I want KA pledges to be 12." haha We sang the whole thing over and over while making it up... then when we were finished, we realized how stupid that was and couldn't stop laughing. Hey, it entertained us for a short while so I guess it was worth it... sort of.
By the last 2 hours of the trip, we weren't nearly as "giddy" or happy. I think the exhaustion started to kick in and both of us started getting in somewhat of an "ill" mood. We started argueing over stopping at a gas station for gas. hahaha That was just proof that we had been in the car for WAY too long. Anyway, 10 hours later we finally made it to Birmingham at almost midnight, and we headed straight to bed the second we got inside.

Although the trip was long, it was so worth it and I am so glad that we were able to go! I think this post is long enough now, so I will quit. Update on the pups to come next!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

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