Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puppy Update

Don't you just want to eat them up!?!?

They are about 7 weeks old now! I can't believe it! We will probably only keep them another week or so and then we have to get rid of them...:(. I am so so sad about getting rid of them. I feel like they are seriously my babies and I've gotten attached to them. However, it will be nice to be able to put our rugs back down, leave the bedroom doors open, and not have to mop every single day because the little rug rats aren't quite 100% potty trained yet and they sometimes use the bathroom in our apartment. YUCK! We have started working on it though. We take them outside on a schedule now and they are starting to get better at it, but they still have accidents sometimes! I guess thats just part of being a puppy.. They are definitely VERY playful now. Most of their days are spent asleep, but they do wake up for about 20 minute increments of play before they go back to sleep. They LOVE toys. They also love playing with each other. They roll all over the ground with each other, pounce on each other... it's pretty cute. They are also VERY fast now too. When we leave in the mornings it is SO hard to get out of the door. Between Ellie and both puppies running out its like a zoo. By the time you pick them up from outside, put them back inside, and turn to go out the door, they are already out the door with you. We have to try to trick them by placing them behind chairs etc. so that they can't get out as quickly. My favorite thing about them is that they LOVE to snuggle. That is what they spend most of their days doing. They snuggle with each other, with their mama and even with me! I love it! It's like a giant cotton ball haha. They find the strangest places to curl up and sleep. Lately, their favorite spot has been in our laundry room on top of the dirty clothes. Its kind of tricky because they blend in with the clothes sometimes, so we have to be extra cautious when doing the laundry!

Last week while Ben was out of town, I let all 3 dogs sleep in the bed with me for one night. Usually Ellie sleeps in the bed with me and Ben so that was nothing new, but we have NEVER let the puppies. Ben doesn't LOVE having a dog sleep with us, so he has strict rules that Ellie is not allowed on the sheets and must stay on the outside comforter. When he is out of town, that rule goes out the window for me! haha See for yourself (Look at Ellie..she is still minding the rules...but the puppies? Not so much! Oops!)
I'm taking them to the vet tomorrow for their second round of shots. I'm anxious to see how much they weigh. They have definitely grown since the last time we were there. My guess would be that they are about 2 1/2 or 3 pounds. They eat like champs! They love their puppy food and even still like to nurse when Ellie will let them.

Here is one quick and funny story to show you just how sneaky these little munchkins are. My mom actually dog sat for us this past weekend while Ben and I were in Orlando. She said one day she woke up and went in the kitchen and realized there was only 1 puppy. She didn't really panic at first and just started looking for the other one and calling for it. (Usually they will come running when they hear your voice!) It never came. She said she loooked alll over our house and couldn't find it. Then she paniced. She started thinking that maybe "he had gotten outside last night when she went in the back yard, and she forgot to get him back in." She even called my sister and had her come over to our house to help search. They searched and searched and eventually found him curled up under a pillow in my mom's room. haha They were relieved. Now that there is a happy ending, they could tell me the story and we can laugh about it. I guess this is just a lesson I should remember. Apparently my mom has issues when keeping her great-granddogs. I will definitely need to keep that in mind when I have a real HUMAN child. haha Just kidding, mom!
It has really been so much fun having these little puppies around! It honestly hasn't been too much trouble either. If I could, I would keep them all. Unfortunately, the hubs won't let me. So if any of you are interested, let me know! We are going to sell them. I have had several people say they want them, but I don't have anything set in stone yet. They will be available by the end of next week!! :(


  1. oh they are like little perfect snowballs! I love their sweet little personalities! We are talking about a puppy... Lily is in love with dooogiiess... and she really needs a companion at home since it may be a little while till bro or sis comes along! We would love to meet them when yall are ready to find them a home! Do you have names for them yet?

  2. I am so sad! I don't want another dog but it makes me sad that we can't watch them grow up...=(


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