Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pool Time

Wow! I have a lot to update on. We have had one busy and eventful Memorial weekend, so look forward to several posts to recap it all! Last Thursday, Ben decided to take the day off from work and we woke up early and headed to Decatur so that we could lay out at my parents pool and try to get a little sun before we headed to the beach. It was a perfect day!

My sister and her kids, Kayli and Chase, came over to hang out with us. Both Kayli and Chase each invited a friend too! My brother brought my other neice, Abby, over and my friend Brittany brought her two kids over as well! So needless to say, there were tons of children running around and swimming everywhere.
The water was REALLY cold so I was too chicken to get in. It didn't stop everyone else though!
Here is a picture of my sister on her float. She tried so hard not to let any of the kids splash her since it was so shocking cold, but with 7 kids running around, it was just impossible!
And look at Abby, she is ready to go! haha This picture makes me laugh so hard. She looks miserable with all that gear on!
And, this is about as far in the pool as I got...
This next picture is of Reece and Abby. Reece is my good friend, Brittany's, little girl. I can't believe how big she has gotten! She is not a baby anymore thats for sure!

With all of that swimming you know everyone was bound to get hungry! My mom went inside and fixed everybody an ice cream cone. Isn't this the cutest picture ever? (Unfortunately my neice Kayli and her friend were too cool to join in the picture with the "little kids.' I didn't evenget a single picture of them!)

And by the end of the day, this little girl was ready for a nap. Can you tell?

It was a great day in the sun to kick off Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. haha cute pictures, abby cracks me up in all her safety gear!


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