Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chattanooga Trip with The Baggetts

This past weekend we met our two great friends, Patrick and Amy (remember how sad we were that they moved from Birmingham to Franklin, TN!??), in Chattanooga. Amy already had already planned to attend a wedding there that weekend so they decided to just make a weekend out of it and sort of make it their 1 year anniversary trip. We were so excited that they asked us to tag along!

We stayed in the coolest bed and breakfast place ever! It was so cute and EVERY person that worked there was SO friendly. I loved it! I hadn't ever stayed at a Bed and Breakfast lodging facility before so it was quite a treat! Here is a picture of our room..
We had an adjoining room that connected us to Patrick and Amy's room... we liked to refer to it as the "sitting room." We felt so proper and sophisticated in this little place. We often said, "In the morning, meet us in the sitting room at 9:15" However, the first day, Patrick and Amy must have forgotten that conversation because they headed on down to breakfast and waited on us for 15 minutes while Ben and I waited for 15 minutes on them in the sitting room. After we figured out where each other was, we met for a delicious breakfast!! It was SO good!

The guys spent a lot of time playing pool downstairs. Amy and I joined in for a couple of games too!

Saturday morning after breakfast, we headed here:

It was a lot of fun! It was fun to walk the trails and look at all of the caves, rocks, plants, and BEAUTIFUL views and waterfalls.

Here we are inside one of the first caves we walked though.

We later walked across a wooden swinging bridge. It was kind of scary because it was so bumpy and shaky, but it was a lot of fun!

After the bridge we ended up at the top of the mountain with a gorgeous view. Looking out from this point you can see 7 states all at once!!

This sign pointed us which way to look to see each state..

We kept going and made it to "Fat Man Squeeze." It was pretty squishy getting through this part of the trail!

Another gorgeous view

But this next one was probably my favorite spot of all. I LOVED seeing this waterfall! It was soo pretty!
And, of course Ben had to get a picture with Rocky himself!
After Rock City we headed down to the art district for some lunch. We ate at an Italian restaurant and then decided to walk around. We walked across a HUGE pedestrian bridge. Somehow I managed not to take a single picture of it, but I can assure you Amy and I were wondering if we were ever going to make it across! It was so hot in the blaring sun, but it was worth it once we made it! The boys went to look at some big ship, and Amy and I decided to walk around and look at all of the cute shops. It was such a neat and cute little area!
Look at how mature our boys are...
Maybe I shouldn't post that on my blog... I'm not sure. Sorry if it offends any of you! I do think its quite funny though, so I couldn't resist!

Later that night we all headed to dinner at a nice restaurant and then headed to walk around the Chattanooga Choo choo. I pretended to arm wrestle this guy while I was there..

We then walked around downtown and stopped at a few local restaurants/bars. We sat around a table outside and just enjoyed each others company!
We of course couldn't resist the urge to buy a few lottery tickets while there! We went both nights to the gas station to buy some and then all sat in the car and scratched them off. Ben and I actually won about $17 the first night. BUT, it was all down hill from there. Patrick and Amy didn't have a lot of luck either...but we all agreed the money we spent on those cards was well worth our entertainment!
Overall, it was a WONDERFUL trip to Chattanooga. We loved getting to hang out with our friends again and loved getting the chance to catch up with them. We wish we could see them a lot more often than we do! Also, I must admit that Chattanooga is a pretty fun city to visit. There is lots to do and just the city itself is very neat and fun to walk around in. We want to go back again sometime soon and knock off a few other attractions!

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