Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Behind

I know! I know! I'm really behind on blogging these days! Two of you lovely readers sent me a message and gave me a little push, which apparently I needed. I am just so thrilled to know that I actually DO have readers out there that actually DO enjoy reading this and actually miss it when I haven't posted. That makes me happy to know that I'm not just writing to outerspace!

For a quick update, I've been bad at posting lately because I have been SUPER busy. I started my new job a week ago, Ben and I are moving to a house in about a month, and Ben has been out of town this past week and is out of town this week too for work. Luckily, I have some of the best friends ever (Thank you Erin and Wesley!!) who have allowed me to spend the night with them a couple of nights while Ben has been gone. I've also stayed a couple of nights with my parents in Decatur, so I've definitely been shuffling around lately. Ben was able to come home for the weekend and his two sisters, Meg and Sally, came to stay with us (More on that later!). They left today, Ben left today, and my mom, sister, niece and nephew are all here to stay with me for a few days! They came down to do a little "Back to School" shopping and to give me company while Ben is away.

So..all of that to say, my life has been a little crazy and a little more busy than usual! I promise when I get a chance I will update on everything! I can't believe I haven't even mentioned moving or my job on here yet...I have some catching up to do that's for sure!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend! and to all of you readers, Thank you so much for reading!! Be sure to check back..I promise to get back to normal with updating soon!

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  1. You are not writing to outer space..I am proof! It sounds like you are having a busy life again! I'm glad your family is here to help pass the time away without your hubby. I hope our plans work out this weekend. Have a great week, and if you have room for me in your prayers on Thursday night, that would be amazing! Love you.


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