Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Last "Get-Away" - Just the Two of Us

Because Ben travels so much for work, he earns points and rewards with Marriot. He had been given a free night at any Marriot, but it expires in mid June. Since I am nearing the end of the pregnancy, we knew we couldn't really travel anywhere to use it, but we didn't want it to go to waste. We decided to pack up last weekend and head to the Marriot here in Birmingham for a little night getaway.

After I got home from a very long day at work, we packed an overnight bag and headed to the hotel on 280. We decided to take Ellie along with us, and had to pack her in our bag since we weren't quite sure that dogs were technically allowed in the hotel. haha We laughed so hard as we put her in the bag. She of course HATED it and we had to force her head down. Her fur may or may not have gotten stuck in the zipper.... oops!
It was pretty hilarious as we went up the elevator because of course Ellie was moving around in the bag. I'm sure people were wondering if we had kidnapped somebody or what was going on... we just acted like everything was normal. haha

We got to the room and let Ellie out, and then decided we would just order room service and have a very relaxing night. Ben had brought along a bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider and homemade brownies for dessert..
The hotel food was actually really good, and it was so nice being served in bed, in my comfy clothes without having to cook or worry about dishes etc.

After dinner, we started to watch a movie..buuuut this pregnant body runs on very little fuel and I was asleep by 9 o'clock. I woke back up around 12 ish and Ben was just starting to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. haha Guess I wasn't a very fun/entertaining wife...haha

The next morning, we had vouchers for a free breakfast in the hotel restaurant. They had an awesome buffet, so we definitely treated ourselves! Yum!
Overall, it was a great night away. Sometimes its just fun to spend the night in a hotel...even if you are in the same city where you live. It still felt like a "mini vacation" for us, and I was so thankful for a night of pure relaxation! It's crazy to think that our next night away from home, we will have a Baby Girl with us! Yay!

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