Friday, August 12, 2011

Ben's 26th Birthday!

This past Thursday we celebrated Ben's 26th birthday. We grilled out bacon wrapped filets from Mr. P's that were delicious. (If you haven't ever been to Mr. P's, I highly recommend it!) I made him a delicious 8 layer chocolate cake...

He really liked it...

I liked it to0..but didn't like having it around the house tempting me 24/7.

As one of his gifts, I framed a picture of our three girls. It was quite an adventure trying to take the picture. For one thing, Emma (the vizsla) is VERY energetic. Trying to get her to cooperate without hurting MH was difficult. She usually doesn't even come inside except to sleep, so she was extra hyper since she was getting "special inside treatment." Not to mention just trying to get 2 dogs and a 7 week baby that can't even hold her head up to look at the camera all at the same time was hard enough. I seriously went through half a bag of Beggin' Strips dog treats and took over 50 pictures... but I finally got a decent one. and it was so worth it. Ben LOVED it. But we laughed because everytime he looked at it, his response was "Emma is so cute." Finally after about 5 comments, he finally said "I guess I should say something about my daughter too. But that's just a given." haha

Here are just a few of the many pictures that I took before the decent one.. This just goes to show you how much trouble I went through to get it. haha

And here is the decent one. It is now framed in our living room. We sure love our babies! :)

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