Monday, September 19, 2011

First Time in the Bumbo

Sunday morning before church, Mary Hyatt woke up in the best mood. It was one of those days where she didn't cry when she woke up...we just heard her cooing and making sweet noises in her bed. We let her hang out with us in our bed for a little while before we had to get ready for church. She was being so so sweet...
Since Mary Hyatt has gotten much better at holding her head up by herself, I decided it would be a fun time to try out the Bumbo seat. She did really great for a few seconds..
but her head was still a little wobbly..

she didn't think sitting in the bumbo was quite as much fun as her mama did...
but after a little while, she got the hang of it and thought it was pretty cool!
She looked like such a big girl sitting up by herself in the bumbo seat! I think we need to wait just a tad bit longer for her to really gain control of her head, but I can tell this thing is definitely going to come in handy!

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