Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rolly Polly

Since Ben was sick the weekend after Thanksgiving/Iron Bowl, we ended up staying in Decatur a little longer than expected. That is definitely one benefit of me working in Cullman. It is just as easy, or actually easier for me to get work from Decatur. It was good to get to spend a little extra quality time with Ben's family since we didn't get to see them on Thanksgiving.
Aunt Meg and Aunt Sally even decided to stay an extra night in Decatur before heading back to school. We all got to watch Mary Hyatt meet one of her developmental milestones...Rolling over. haha My sister had actually seen her do it the first time on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving while she was keeping her for me, but I had not been able to see it happen until this night. Mary Hyatt had tons of fans and coaches trying to get her to do it..
She would get so close but couldn't quite make it over that arm. It was so funny to hear everybody cheering her on... You would have thought we were watching some big football game on TV of something..
She finally did it and we were all so proud! Luckily Aunt Meg caught it on video on her cell phone! Here it is!

We were all so excited! Mary Hyatt really had no idea what was going on or why we were all cheering. I've heard that most of the time babies learn to roll over from their belly to their back first because it's easier. Not Mary Hyatt. She decided to wait a little longer and go for the hard stuff!
Now, she is rolling so easily. Anytime we put her on her back, she will roll over and it is much quicker and easier for her now. This sometimes makes getting her diaper changed or putting her clothes on a little tricky though!

She has also gotten reallly strong and really good at holding herself up off the ground after she rolls over...
But, eventually her next still gets pretty tired because she will often just plop her head straight down and stay like this for about 30 seconds....haha
It's unbelievable how much Mary Hyatt has changed in just one week! She went from barely being able to roll over to rolling constantly, and now she is starting to scoot herself around sometimes. Her teachers told me that she scooted backwards all the way across the room earlier this week...its not a crawl yet and she doesn't scoot all the time, but I have a feeling it won't be long before she's mobile and Ben and I will definitely have our hands full!!

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