Thursday, February 23, 2012

8 months

Mary Hyatt you are 8 months old!! I think this has been the month that you have changed the most...and so quickly!

You are full of personality now and are one BUSY little girl. You never sit still. Ever. You can tell by all of these monthly pictures I took this month. I never could get you to sit still or upright long enough to snap a picture.  I love them though, because it depicts you perfectly. 

I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are.  I do think you have grown tremendously in length though.  All of sudden I've had to start going up a size and buying you 12 month clothes so that the pants are long enough.  You are still wearing size 3 diapers, with a size 4 at night. You eat baby food twice a day and rice cereal once a day.  You eat about 5ish bottles a day. You still don't have any teeth, but you have started to eat Puffs and little baby cookies that dissolve in your mouth.  You have gotten good at picking them up with your fingers and putting them in your mouth. I offer you a sippy cup of juice every day, but you still can't figure out how to tilt the cup up so you can get the juice. 

You are a crawling machine!! As soon as we put you down you plop over to crawl somewhere.  If we leave a room, you crawl after us.  You love to chase Ellie around, but shes still not a huge fan of you. In fact, in the beginning of this photo shoot, Ellie was sitting at the other end of the couch when I was trying to take your picture.  Before I could even get back to take your picture you had already taken off after her.  I eventually had to hold her in one arm and use her as material to get you to look at me. 
You have even started to pull up on things by yourself.  Just this morning, your daddy walked in your room to get you up, and you were standing up in your crib.  You pull up on the couch all the time and occasionally I think you forget that you can't walk yet because a couple of times you have  let go and totally crashed to the ground.  You even crawl to our feet and start pulling up on our legs so that we will pick you up. You want to walk so badly.  If we hold your hands you will take steps and walk around.  You get so excited and proud of yourself when you do it.  You just grin and grin. 

You laugh all the time.  Your little laugh is so cute.  You have even started to babble some.  Usually in the mornings you wake up so chipper and happy and we hear you just babbling away to yourself.  I love to listen to you through the monitor while I put on my makeup. It's precious. Your daddy and I both think we have heard you say "ma ma ma and da da da.." and even though you have no idea what you are saying and there is no intentionality behind it, we both still grin ear to ear whenever you say either one. 

You are such a little snuggle bug.  Lately, you have loved to rest your head on my shoulder when I'm holding you.  I love when you do that.  You definitely know who me and your daddy are.  Whenever we drop you off at daycare or one of us leaves the house, you squirm and reach to try to come after us.  Just this morning, I left you with your daddy and headed to work early and you kept reaching towards the door for me.  It broke my heart to have to leave you.  Your daddy said that when he drops you off at day care, he always puts you on the floor and you always crawl after him as he walks out the door.  I dread the days where you actually cry when we leave.  This is hard enough. It is really sweet when I pick you up in the afternoons though.  You always start flapping your arms and grinning/giggling as soon as you see me. 

You are finally getting back on a good sleeping schedule. You were all out of wack for a while due to all of your ear infections/tubes.  Then about a week after getting the tubes, you got another ear infection. Luckily, it didn't seem to bother you as much since we flushed and drained it out of your ear every day, but it did keep your sleeping patterns at night all messed up. Finally, we have cleared it up and you seem to be doing great. (knock on wood).  This past week you have finally started sleeping through the night again.  Sometimes you do put up a good fight actually getting to sleep, and you occasionally wake up a few times  right at the beginning and require a little help getting back to sleep, but once you are out you have been staying asleep until about 6:30 or 7 in the morning. (knock on wood again). 
 Though you are super sweet and are generally a very happy baby, you have started to throw some temper tantrums this month.  If you ever don't get what you want or get your way, you pitch a fit. 
And, I mean pitch a fit  You start kicking your legs and arching your back.  You have now started this thing where every single time I put you in your car seat, the minute your booty even gets close the seat, even before you are buckled, you pitch a fit.  I know its all just a tempter tantrum because usually by the time I get you buckled you calm down. The same with anything else.  Usually all I have to do is redirect you, and you are totally calm and can go from making a face like the picture above to just grinning and laughing in seconds. I have already had to start telling you "No," and I think you are already starting to understand it somewhat because you usually give me a look and change your ways. Sometimes you grin and think it's funny when I'm telling you "No" though; I can tell we may have our hands full when you are 2! 

You still love your bath time.  Your absolutely favorite thing right now is your walker. Your Aunt Tasha bought it for you before you were even born.  She said she happened to see it at a department store for really cheap and just decided to buy it in case we needed one. We seriously couldn't survive without it. We laugh because your daddy and I have spent a lot of money on your bouncy seat and other gadgets, and you really don't care for them near as much as you do the little walker. 

This is such a fun time for your daddy and me. It seems like you are such a big girl, yet still a baby all at the same time.  We seriously are having so much fun playing with you. We love taking you to the park to swing or taking you on walks. You love riding in your stroller around the neighborhood.   Your daddy has started "wrestling" with you on the floor sometimes and we often play "chase" with you throughout the house which you think is hysterical.  

We love you sweet girl and truly thank God daily for blessing us with you!!!

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