Sunday, February 26, 2012

Picture Dump # 1

I have tons of pictures that I love that haven't made it to the blog.  I intended to do some separate blog posts with some of these, but with Ben in busy season and me starting a new job, my blog posts have been scarce. So, here is a little bit of what we've been up to..

Here is MH one night with her sippy cup.  She has mastered holding it and putting it to her mouth, but can't quite figure out how to tilt it up appropriately!

This next one was the first time that she tried a Puff.  She was so unsure about it..haha I love that little face.

This next picture just shows you how busy she is. She had pulled herself up on that basket (we keep all the toys in it in the closet but usually just put the whole thing in the bath tub with her). You can't see her face in the picture but she had the biggest grin on her face.  She was so proud of what she was doing!

And she ALWAYs wants to eat the spout... ew! (Don't worry, I never let her!)

Still Loves her baths!

This was the first time that I walked in her room and found her standing up in her crib by herself! Such a big girl!

And here she is pulling up on the side of the couch... She pretty much pulls up on anything these days!

Oops! Bad mama of the year award goes to me! haha I had left her in her car seat while I ran in to a store to get something really quick.  I left her unbuckled because I had originally started to get her out, but then decided she might be happier to be left with a bottle since I wouldn't be gone for long. When I came back out, I opened my car door and heard silence.  I was hoping she was asleep.  Then I looked back there and saw this... hahaha She had managed to get out and was stuck upside down on her head! haha At least she wasn't crying and it didn't seem to bother her!

She still eats naked a lot because sometimes she ends up looking like this! haha She loves to eat though!

My little cutie patootie waiting to see the ENT again..

She's a mess! haha

Stay tuned for round 2!

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