Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Dump #2

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures lately...

Mary Hyatt loves to sleep with this little lamb. We have learned that she likes to be really snuggly with things.  There for a while, she wasn't sleeping good at night AT ALL.  One night I decided to put the bumpers back on her bed to see if that helped, and she slept straight through the night! She gets right up next to them.  We now break all the rules (no bumpers, no blankets, no stuffed animals).  Her bed is full of stuff that we snuggle and tuck right up against her. But, I figure that she is so big and old now and has so much control of her body that its ok, and I don't really worry. 

We love her shopping cart cover for so many reasons.  It is so thick and soft... it was comfy enough for MH to take a nap in while we grocery shopped! She had had enough! haha

MH loves sitting in a high chair up to the table when we go out to eat.  This one particular night she was such a happy baby and so content!

Love this sweet face!

She is finally starting to get some hair! It's funny because its still much thicker down the middle than it is on the sides.  Her daddy gave her a sweet Mohawk one night in the bathtub! haha

We've been giving her fruit to suck on in this little thing.  This night we gave her strawberries..

She wasn't a fan!

Her favorite is mandarin oranges!

These next two pictures are a little older but I found them on my phone and wanted to add them..

Here is MH with my grandparents and mom at her cousin, Chase', basketball game!

And here she is playing the piano with her Grandaddy (Ben's dad).  She loves to play it with him!

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