Monday, April 9, 2012

9 Months...and a few Pre-Easter shots

Well, I guess it's time I should hurry up and post about Mary Hyatt's 9 month birthday! It has just become a habit now for me to not get around to do the monthly posts until two three weeks late. 

Mary Hyatt is 9 months old!!
This photo session went really fast. No more taking our time to get the shots.  She is way too busy!
And she refused to lay back in the laundry basket... This is the best I could do..Oh well.
It's hard for me to believe that this little girl is 9 months old! Time just seems like it is getting faster and faster. Over the last month, Mary Hyatt's personality has blossomed.  She is at such a fun age now and I am certain that she will continue to get even more fun with each passing day.

Right now, she is B-U-S-Y.  Mary Hyatt is crawling every where, and SO fast.  She is pulling up on any and everything.  She is cruising around furniture and occasionally from one piece of furniture to the next, as long as she doesn't have to let go completely.

She is getting a little bit better at balancing herself, but she still isn't there yet. She loves to "walk" with someone holding her hands.  She grins from ear to ear when we do that with her. 

 At her 9 month appointment, Mary Hyatt weighed exactly 20 pounds even and was 28 1/4 inches long.  Her pediatrician said this put her in the 75 percentile for both height and weight.  Looks like her "friends" are catching up with her now.  For the first time since she was born, she isn't off the charts in height! Though she still fits in 9 month size clothes, she is starting to wear some 12 months, and I have even started to buy some 18 months size clothes so that they will last longer.  It really all just depends on the brand and the style.
 She is babbling more and more these days.  She says mama and dada and baba all the time....we don't necessarily think she knows exactly what she is saying, but sometimes she does say them in context so we wonder if she really means it. She definitely understands "baba" though.  As soon as we say that or as soon as she sees it when she is hungry, she starts whining for it and reaching for it.  She has gotten so much better at holding her bottle herself when she has to, but she a little lazy and likes for us to do it for her.  All the time she will be holding it and the second we touch it she plops her hands wide out and looks at us like.."Hello, I'm hungry." But, I don't mind.  She won't be drinking from a bottle too much longer I know, so I better enjoy it while I can.
 She started waving for the first time this month and it melts my heart.  It is precious. She started to exhibit a tiny bit of separation anxiety. It's definitely nothing major like I've seen some children do, but she will occasionally cry whenever I leave her or when I hand her to someone else.  She usually does it when she is really really tired though.

She likes to play this game where she reaches for her daddy to hold her whenever I'm holding her.  The second I give her to him, she flings her body back and reaches back for me. She loves playing with her daddy.  No matter what, the second he walks in to the room she grins from ear to ear.
 Sleeping patterns are great.  She usually goes down some time around 8 ish and will usually sleep until about 6 or 6:30.  Occasionally she will wake up once during then but will usually go right back to sleep. She is starting to eat a few finger foods now.  She LOVEs puffs and wagon wheels.  I've given her tiny pieces of crackers and she likes those too, and occasionally tiny pieces of soft bread. She does have a little problem with textures.  We tried stage 3 baby food which has tiny little chunks in it.  I have never seen her gag so hard in my life.  Ben and I both panicked just a little.  She then wouldn't eat another bite of anything after that.  We tried two different nights, two different types of food, and got the same response.  Guess we will work on that later. She has really really started to show an interest in the food we are eating though.Anytime we are eating anything around her, she is always reaching for it and wants to try it. Won't be too long before she will be able to! And, anytime we are drinking anything she frantically reaches for the cup or smacks it with her hand.  Yes, I have totally spilled an entire glass before. We have let her drink water from a regular cup and she loves it.  She still isn't a fan of the sippy cup though. She tries so hard, and does end up getting a little of the drink out of it, but it's nowhere near right.  She just can't get the hang of it yet.
She loves for us to sing and help her do the motions to "Patty Cake," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes."  She still loves bath time and still loves to be rocked.  She is still loving that passy. She loves to be outside and absolutely loves swinging. 

It is such a joy to be her parents and we are loving every minute of it!!!

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