Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

I found a few pictures on my computer of Pre-Easter events that I thought I should add to this post.  

Mary Hyatt did get to see the Easter Bunny this year.  She wasn't scared but wasn't thrilled either.  I think she was totally in shock.  She kept looking at him, and never would look towards me or the camera, despite mine and Ben's goofy attempts to catch her attention.
 Our church had a children's Easter Egg Hunt on Palm Sunday and Mary Hyatt got to "participate."  I may have been the crazy mom that snatched up an egg as a small child was going after it just so that I could save one for Mary Hyatt to find.

Then on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny left Mary Hyatt a basket full of goodies.

As soon as she woke up, we plopped her down right beside the basket.  Love that little bed head! :)

Even though she had no idea why there was a basket full of stuff in front of her, she still thought it was pretty cool.
Of course, the first thing she reached for was the cookies. haha Look at this little face she shot at us while she grabbed them...it's as if she is thinking, "I'm gonna sneak these out so you won't see!"

We all got ready and headed to church for a lovely service.  After the service, we headed to the country club to eat lunch with Ben's family.  

  After we ate, Ben of course couldn't resist putting a few golf balls...which turned in to about 50 golf balls because we "couldn't leave until he made it."

Mary Hyatt enjoyed crawling back and forth after all the balls.

Ben and Mary Hyatt had quite the audience...

And then Grandaddy had to join in on the putting fun...and really show Ben how it was done.
Mary Hyatt was only able to catch a couple of balls, but as soon as she did they of course went straight to her mouth..

Mary Hyatt got spoiled by her grandmothers for Easter this year. This was one of her gifts.  She's ready for the beach now! :)
We had such a fun day.  I am so thankful for all that Easter stands for and am so blessed for all that God has provided me with! I love my family!

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