Sunday, May 6, 2012

10 Months

Again, I am two weeks late in posting this, but I did actually take the pictures on the exact day that she turned 10 months old. 
 It was another crazy photo session..
 That ended very quickly because some little peanut never sits still for longer than 5 seconds...EVER
 It's a good thing I'm almost done with these monthly pictures because I don't know how much longer she could fit in the laundry basket..
 At 10 months Mary Hyatt is BUSY! Her teachers at daycare always tell me that she is the most fearless baby they have ever had.

I'm not sure how much she weighs at this point or how long she is but she's a growing girl.  She's eating all kinds of new things at this point.  One of her favorites is pancakes and she loves cheerios too. Tonight I fed her mandarin oranges and she was a big fan at first but then about halfway through dinner decided she didn't like them anymore and spit them out every single time. She also learned to drink from a straw tonight!! I mean suck up the juice through the straw and then spit every bit of it out on the table. Pictures to come.

Mary Hyatt absolutely LOVES books...but only board books, or the kind that have touchy feely pictures. She will sit and play with a book by herself for a long time (in baby time).  She has learned what to touch on each page and loves to feel it when I'm reading it to her. My mom kept her for us one night and she said that Mary Hyatt was all over the place until my mom pulled out a book that I had packed and she said MH sat and looked at it forever.  I hope she always loves to read!
 She is sleeping great these days.  We have been putting her to bed between 7:30 and 8 ish and she sleeps until at least 6:30.  There was one morning that we had to wake her up at 7:30 because we had to leave for work.

 She is continuing to babble some but still doesn't say anything real consistent.  I think she is starting to understand things more though.  We can now say "want baba" and she will start grinning and flapping her arms like she is so excited.  Sometimes we will say "where's mama/dada?" and she will look around.  She has also started to LOVE pointing at EVERYTHING.  When we walk down the mall or in a store she just points at things or people.  She is so friendly and usually will grin ear to ear at people and will often wave at them.

She loves riding in her stroller and going places.  One afternoon after work I took her on a walk and she rode the entire way like this, just looking back and grinning at me. haha
This month she also had her first bubble bath.  She was really into it at first but now it's like no big deal to her.  It doesn't even phase her and she doesn't get excited.  Maybe when she gets older she'll appreciate how cool the bubbles are! :) 
 She is still crawling everywhere and is super fast. I have occasionally caught her standing by herself for a couple seconds, but I really think it may be a while before she is walking.  She isn't really making any effort to walk.  She still pulls up on everything and cruises around furniture, but once she wants to leave it she instantly drops to the floor and takes off crawling.  I guess since she can get anywhere she wants to  while crawling, she doesn't feel the need to walk yet.   (Excuse the wet spot on her pants in the next picture... she had been playing with a water bottle and it opened and spilled everywhere.)

She has started to get a little bit of a temper and I can tell we may have our hands full when she gets older.  If we tell her "no" she will look at us and grin and then go right ahead and do whatever it is that she's not suppose to.  She will also start whining and pitching a fit if we take something from her or don't let her do what she wants to do. Her little fits only last about 30 seconds, thankfully, but we can still tell she's got a little stubbornness in her personality. I don't know where she gets that from. :) 

Mary Hyatt is at such a fun age right now and we are loving every minute of watching her grow! She really does seem to be changing daily right now and her personality is really starting to bloom.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being her mama!

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