Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Vacation

This past weekend we headed down south for a little mini vacation.  Jack and Courtney were having an engagement party at Courtney's bay house, which was about 40 minutes from Gulf Shores so we couldn't resist making it a mini weekend beach trip.

We left Friday after work and Mary Hyatt did beautifully on the ride down.  She slept most of the way.  When we got there, even though it was way past her usual bed time, she perked up as soon as we got her out of the car.  She must have known we were on vacation.  She spent a little time loving on her Grandaddy, Lovie, Aunt Sally, Aunt Meg and Uncle (almost!) Kris.  

The next morning when she woke up we took her out on our balcony to get her first feel of beachy weather. Didn't she look precious in her beach pjs? 
 The condo that we stayed in was actually on a golf course.  Directly below the main balcony there was a pond.  We were surprised to see this creature swimming around right below us...

Saturday morning the guys went to play golf and the rest of us headed to the beach.  I couldn't wait to see Mary Hyatt's reaction to the sand.  It definitely didn't disappoint! She LOVED it!! She crawled all over the place and kept picking it up with her hand.  

Look at that tongue haha...

 After the guys finished their golf game they joined us for some beach fun.We were so thankful for decent weather.  It wasn't really sunny so no tans for us, but luckily the rain held off. I guess i'm pretty glad for little sun shine because MH is so fair. 
 She liked putting her feet in the ocean at first...

 but after a big wave rolled up she quickly changed her mind, and that was the end of that.

She instantly went right to sleep the second I held her in my arms.  I guess the beach wore her out...not to mention the sound of the crashing waves was pretty soothing.

So much so that I even ended up crashing...
Yes, Mary Hyatt is wrapped up in that towel haha.  I promise she could breathe. We ended up sleeping for about an hour like that.  The rest of the gang, except Ben, headed back to the condo to start showering.  That was probably one of the best naps I've had in a while.  I probably could have slept even longer if Ben didn't wake us up to go back and get ready.

Mary Hyatt actually stayed asleep in my arms as we walked back to the condo, and then she slept with Ben in the bed for another hour and a half.  She was exhausted. The engagement party was that night so we all got dressed and headed out. 

Mary Hyatt loves her Uncle Jack! 

 The party was absolutely fabulous.  I should have taken more pictures but I didn't.  It was at Courtney's family's bay house which was absolutely beautiful.  They had a guy playing some music and for the first time ever, Mary Hyatt started standing on her own while watching him play.  We were so amazed!!  She stood for about a minute independently, as long as she had that water bottle in her hands. 

We took her out in the yard and kept having her practice.  She was doing so good! We were so so proud!!

 It was a great trip.  We are so glad that we were able to go and celebrate Jack and Courtney, and squeeze in a little beach time while we were at it.  It was such a nice weekend!!

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