Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Big Helper

Now that Mary Hyatt is standing and is starting to cruise holding on to things she has become quite the helper around here! Every time we get home from the grocery store or if I'm looking for something particular, she power crawls to the door and stands up inside. I think it's pretty cute.
(I promise my child isn't ALWAYS naked. haha We had gotten home from church this particular day and I had just taken her dress off because she was having issues crawling in it.)

 She also loves "helping" load/unload the dishwasher...(ie, crawl all around it and make me have to hurry and remove all of the knives/sharp objects before she can reach them)..

(We had been outside playing in a water table so that's why she is in her bathing suit!)
 She also LOVEs to help us "drive."  I'm pretty sure if I blink twice, she'll be old enough to drive by herself judging by the rate time is flying these days.

Yea, don't judge... our new house (more on that later) is literally two houses down from some of our good friends.  After we had taken a tour of the house, Ben Mary Hyatt drove (I walked) down to visit our friends house.  Not sure if you can tell, but Mary Hyatt had the BIGGEST grin on her face.  She seriously gets the biggest kick out of doing things she knows she's not suppose to. 

She helps give me the motivation to exercise... though I still don't do it nearly as often as I should. It's so much more fun to walk while pushing a stroller....if only I didn't work until 6:15 every day I'd do it much more often, at least that's what I tell myself. :)
 She helps us shop.  Lately she's been thinking that riding in the seat part of the buggy is for the birds.  She would much rather stand in the big part. Again,she is so proud that she is doing something she probably shouldn't be doing. (Yes, Ben and I did have a woman stop us in a store the other day and scold us for letting her ride in the big part.  She gave us all these reasons about babies with traumatic brain injury from falling out, and then asked us to either carry her or buckle her in the seat. We did, until the lady was out of sight and then we put her right back in like we had her. After all, I was walking right beside the buggy and it's not like we were racing down the aisles. I appreciate her concern, and she did try to fluff it up at the end by saying "that baby is much too cute to end up like that," but let me be her mama please, or at least approach us with a little more tactfulness. Thanks.)
 And, the last few weeks she has been helping totally slowing me down and making me wonder how in the world I'm ever going to get everything done me pack.  I'm sure she is totally confused as to why our house is one giant disaster and there are boxes everywhere. She'll know soon enough since we are moving this weekend!
I love having my little helper around!!

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