Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby Wakefield

Remember our good friends Whitney and Brian?  I've mentioned them several times on this blog.  We hang out with them all the time. 

I'm not sure if I've ever shared that they have been struggling for the past 3 years trying to have a baby. When I found out I was pregnant with Mary Hyatt, I dreaded telling Whitney. Despite how hard I'm sure it was for her to hear and to see happening right before her eyes, she was such a good friend and so supportive during my pregnancy.  Since Mary Hyatt was born, Whitney has practically taken to her like she's her own.  Whitney and Brian have kept Mary Hyatt for us several times, and they continue to beg for us to let her come stay with them often. 

So anyway, back to their story.  I won't go in to detail, but they have jumped through several hoops and have been working with infertility specialists for the past couple of years.  Each month I would wait for her to call with good news, and some months we would get really excited because of certain signs that made us think "this was it," only for us to be heartbroken when it wasn't. 

But, a few months ago I received the most exciting and shocking phone call.  Whitney called and said "I'm going to need you to pull out your maternity pillow!"  That still gives me chills just typing it.

I don't even remember my response... or if I even had one at that moment.  I do remember that Mary Hyatt was in the back seat screaming crying so I couldn't really concentrate or let it register.  I cried with excitement when I got home and then called Whitney a hundred times to get details and ask questions.  

Now, she is almost 21 weeks along! Their sweet baby is due on December 5, and we couldn't be more excited! 

They had a gender party a couple of weeks ago to find out whether Baby Wakefield was a boy or girl.  I was sooooo excited leading up to the big day.  Here are some pictures from that night...

Mary Hyatt was super excited to find out what her new "sibling" was going to be!!

Proud daddy grilling for the party!

This is Whitney and Brian's sweet nephew and niece.  Aren't they cute?
The cake!!
Mary Hyatt got to meet Micah for the first time.   They are just one week apart!
New Mama with her mama
This will be you soon enough Brian!!
After we ate, it was finally time to cut the cake!!

Pink!!!! It's a girl!

Cheers were heard around the room!

Here is a picture of the blue team..
And here is a picture of the pink team... unfortunately my camera was on the wrong setting so it's kind of dark, but you can still see!

And at the party, Mary Hyatt got her first kiss by a boy! Micah was getting ready to leave.  We were letting them say "bye" to each other so I had my camera out taking a few pictures.  Much to our surprise, Micah leaned in for a wet one! Judging by her wide eyes, I think Mary Hyatt was as shocked as I was haha I was so glad I had my camera out.  So cute!
Then Mary Hyatt had so much fun playing with Grant and Gracie.

It was such a fun night!!! We couldn't be more excited for that sweet baby girl to hurry up and get here in December! I am sure she and Mary Hyatt will be best buds!!

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