Friday, July 27, 2012

McWane Center

A couple of weeks ago, Ben and I wanted to do something fun with Mary Hyatt.  We debated between taking her to the zoo or the McWane Center in Birmingham. We were afraid she was way too young to have fun at the McWane Center, but we also knew that it was so hot outside that the zoo probably would be miserable as well.  I had called the McWane Center to ask if they had anything for babies and the lady told me they had an exhibit called "Just Mice Size" built for the little ones.  So off we went.

There actually ended up being a good bit of stuff for Mary Hyatt to play with throughout the whole place.  Obviously she didn't get the science meaning behind it all, but it was still fun for her to explore. 

She enjoyed crawling through the jungle gym and sliding down slides...

 They had a water table which was probably one of her favorite things.  We spent a lot of time here.
 She even made a few friends! :)
 We then got to get inside of a bubble.  Mary Hyatt of course kept reaching out and popping it!

In this next picture, this may just look like a ramp to you.  But, to Mary Hyatt, this was probably her favorite thing at the McWane Center.  She kept walking back and forth over it.  I'm not sure if it was fun because the incline made her go fast or what, but she would not leave this ramp.  Ben and I laughed because if we had known that is all it would take, we could have found a ramp outside of the McWane Center. 

I'm not kidding, we couldn't tear her away from this ramp.

But, when we finally did, she got to dig for dinosaur fossils.

And pretend to be a meteriologist with daddy!

We also found this peg board which was also a big hit with her.  She loved putting the pegs in the holes and in her mouth. We stayed at this little exhibit for a while too.

She and daddy walked on a lifesize piano..

and she got to climb through lots of blocks.

Mary Hyatt also got to get in a Dora the Explorer space ship.  She is not shy at all and just walked up between these boys and started pushing buttons.

Our last stop was in a garden where she got to "pretend" to water and plant flowers.  She wasn't a huge fan of this...she must be just like her mama, definitely without a green thumb! :)

So overall, the trip was successful and there really was plenty of things for her to explore and have fun with...even if she really had no clue what she was doing.  I'm glad we went!

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