Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Beginning- Meg and Kris' Rehearsal Dinner

It seemed like we had been anxiously awaiting Meg's wedding weekend forever, and when it finally got here I couldn't be more excited.  We started off the weekend with a bridesmaid luncheon hosted by several of Ben's mom's closest friends.  It was fabulous.  The food was delicious, the table settings were gorgeous, it was perfect! Mary Hyatt even had her own high chair pulled up to the table right by the bride herself. 

Speaking of bride... here she is! Didn't she look so pretty?

I honestly didn't take many pictures.  It's tough to take pictures while also watching a busy 1 year old and making sure she doesn't pull everything off the table.  

After the luncheon, Mary Hyatt and I headed home to let her and me take a nap before the rehearsal. 
After we got up and got ready, I couldn't resist a few family pictures before we headed to the church. Mary Hyatt was all smiles. 

At the rehearsal and really all weekend Mary Hyatt loved getting to hang out with all of Meg's friends.  They were so sweet to her.

And here are the next bride and groom to be! This is Ben's brother, Jack, and his fiance Courtney.  They are getting married in September so we will be doing all of this again! We can't wait!

The bride and groom at rehearsal! They both look so happy!

After the rehearsal we headed to the dinner.  I snapped a few pictures out in the parking lot before we all got inside.

I absolutely love baby bloomers and baby legs. I love that I got this picture while Mary Hyatt was bending down to pick up a rock that more than likely ended up in her mouth with us fishing it out.

Aunt Sally and her boyfriend Ben before the dinner

Mother and Father of the Bride

 One more family picture! You can never have enough, right?

And again, I didn't take any pictures inside the rehearsal dinner.  I guess I was too busy enjoying everything and keeping a little girls hands out of the tea light candles that were on the coffee tables. 

When we all got ready to sit down to eat my mom and dad ended up coming to get Mary Hyatt for us which was a huge blessing.  Though she had been a trooper and was really being good all weekend, I knew that I wouldn't really be able to relax and enjoy dinner with her there. Overall it was a great dinner, the food was delicious, the toasts were sweet and the slideshow was so cute.  Meg and Kris have been together for almost 10 years so it was cute getting to see pictures of them together back in middle school. 
Next up, the wedding day!

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