Friday, September 21, 2012

Mary Hyatt at 15 months

Warning:  Extremely LONG post ahead.  Lots of pictures and videos too.  Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

Mary Hyatt!! You are 15 months old!! Yes, 15 months!! I swear time seems to be going by faster and faster and faster with each passing day.

I have obviously decided not to keep doing your monthly posts past your first birthday, but I do want to try to keep doing quarterly birthday posts! And good grief at the changes you have made in the past 3 months!! You are doing something new every. single. day!

You are a pretty good sleeper right now.  You have gone through a few phases lately where you haven't been so good.  There was about a 2 week span where your daddy and I literally spent about 2 hours trying to get you to sleep, and even then you wouldn't sleep all the way through the night.  You also went through a phase where you just wanted to sleep in our bed.  You would point and cry for our room.  (Your dad and I have always been against that, but with both of us having to work the next day, sometimes that was all we could do to keep our sanity in the middle of the night.)  I'm wondering if you must have been teething or something because all of a sudden you just snapped out of it.  Now I usually rock you to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00 and you sleep until sometime between 6 and 7 the next morning. Occasionally you will wake up in the middle of the night and if you don't easily go back to sleep, I'll usually sleep with you on the twin bed in your room.

You are such a little snuggler.  You always wrap your arms around my neck. Every single night you twirl my hair while I rock you to sleep.  At one point, I thought this was going to be a big problem because you started getting a little rough with it and my hair would get tangled in your hands and you would pull.  At times it really hurt badly.  You are better about that now too and twirl it so gently and usually just twirl the ends of it.  It's pretty cute.  Even if we are out and about, if you are tired and I pick you up, you instantly reach for my hair.  I don't know why or where you learned that, but it is pretty cute.  You even twirl your own occasionally.

You are such a good eater.  You eat EVERYTHING.  You are definitely not a picky eater!! Sometimes you eat like you haven't eaten in days!! Your teachers always comment on how fast you eat and the amount that you eat.  You often are double fisting and are shoving food in your mouth so quickly that I worry you will choke, but you rarely do.  Your daddy and I joke because it really seems like you eat more than both of us right now. We are constantly having to put more food on your plate while we eat dinner because you scarf yours down before your daddy and I are even close to being done.
Spaghetti is one of your favorites.  I think you just like getting messy! :)  You also love all kinds of fruits, especially grapes.  You are not a huge fan of mandarin oranges but will eat them.  You pretty much eat anything and everything that we eat.  If we eat pizza, then so do you.  If we eat chicken, then so do you.  You love all vegetables, especially the greens. You also really like macaroni and cheese. You LOVE bread.  If I am holding you in the kitchen, you will point and grunt at the entire loaf of bread until we give you a piece.   You still eat goldfish and puffs a lot for snacks, and you love applesauce, especially out of the pouches that you can suck from.  For breakfast, your favorite thing to eat is oatmeal.  You eat oatmeal almost every morning.  You also love your sweets! I gave you your first oreo the other day and you LOVED it.  You pulled it apart and licked the icing and then ate the cookie.  It was all over your face but you kept walking in the kitchen and pointing up to the cabinet wanting more.  You drink all kinds of juice and water now.  You are totally off the bottle and drink from sippy cups with straws.  You don't really like milk anymore and rarely drink it.
You are loving your passy these days.  Your new class at school won't let you have it during the day, but they do give it to you at nap time.  It's so funny because every single day when I get there to pick you up in the afternoon as soon as you see me you walk over to the wall where all the bags hang, find your bag, and get your passy out.  I had to take you to daycare one day this week and as soon as we got there you took your passy out of your mouth and handed it to your teacher.  You are such a smart girl.   Your daddy and I don't mind you having it for now though, so we aren't being strict about taking it away.
You even pulled out this baby passy from your closet the other day.  We try not to let you keep these though because I don't think they are good for the development of your teeth. 
Speaking of teeth, you now have 6 teeth!! Four on the top and two on the bottom.  We have started "brushing" them some and you love it.  You laugh and laugh.

You have become so playful lately.  You recently found a drawer in our room that had a box full of old jewelry that I don't typically wear anymore.  You sat in the floor and put it on just like a big girl.  I didn't even help you.  You absolutely love playing with it and will try to get in that drawer every single morning while I'm getting ready.  I don't let you often though because it often ends up getting tangled up pretty badly.

It is so fun to watch you play with your toys.  You play with things so functionally now.  You like to find my brush and pretent to brush your hair or if you see my hair dryer you will shake it over your head.  You love to read books and will often bring a book over to either me or your daddy, turn around backwards and plop down in our lap.  You don't necessarily like to wait for us to read each page to you, but you love to look at the pictures and point to different things. 
You went to your first birthday party for a friend this month.  You had a lot of fun playing with all the different babies.
You love your daddy.  You love to play with your daddy.  I must admit though, that you are a huge mama's girl right now. You always reach for me and will often cry if your daddy (or anybody) tries to take you from me...especially when you are tired.  If we are walking through target, or walking in to church or wherever we are, you always reach for me and cry until your daddy gives you to me. Your daddy was giving me a hug the other day and you had a huge fit. You started trying to squeeze between us to push him away and started screaming crying.  You do that all the time now.  If he lays down beside me you freak out until you can come get right between us.  We think it's pretty funny. People tell me to enjoy you being a mama's girl while it last because this will change.

You love bags! What girl doesn't right?  If I leave any bag on the floor you love to pick it up and carry it around the house.  You often will put the strap on your arm like a purse and will grin, wave, and say "bye bye."  It's pretty cute.

See, here you are carrying some little black lunch box as a purse...
You also LOVE to pretend to drive.  I put you in the front seat one day while we were standing outside waiting on daddy to get home.  You pushed the start button to the car, (accidentally) turned up the volume to the radio and instantly started shaking your booty to the music.  It was hilarious! and you were so so proud of yourself!

You comprehension skills have skyrocketed.  You are so great at following simple directions (when you want to).  If we point and tell you down (if you try to stand in the chair to your desk) you will sit down.  If we tell you to go get something, you will.  You know all of your basic body parts.  If we say "Let's Go," you walk to the door.  If we says "Let's take a bath" you walk to the bathroom.   If we say "Are you hungry?"  you get really excited and point towards the kitchen. When we say "It's night-night time," you will often walk to your room.  If we ask you "where something your passy" and you don't know where it is, you will turn your hands up like "I don't know" and shrug your shoulders.   If we ask you if you want something (like juice etc) and you don't, you will shake your head no.  I can't even write it all down, but you amaze us everyday with what you are understanding.
And expressively, you are changing drastically every day! You say "mama" and "dada" constantly, and so appropriately.  I think the word that you say the most right now is "up."  Anytime you want us to pick you up, you walk over to us and look up to us and say it.  It's pretty funny because you may be whining and wanting to be picked up and you will suddenly stop whining and say "up," "up," "up," so matter of factly.  Some other words that you say often are "uh oh," "ball," "bubble," "bye bye," "nana," and "hi."   You use all of those words appropriately and functionally. You are starting to babble a good bit too. I did get a video of you imitating some of them the other night in the bathtub...

And then later that night I tried again and got you saying "woof, woof" like a dog.  It is super cute.  You do that all the time.  If you hear the dogs barking outside your eyes will raise and get so big, you will point and then say "woof, woof."  You sometimes do it when we are outside and you see a dog walk by. It's pretty funny.

Though you are a mama's girl, you do love playing with your daddy! You love to ride on his back and you especially love it when he takes you outside to see the dogs.  You and your daddy "rough house" alot and you think it is so much fun. 

Your motor skills have also significantly improved.  You no longer walk anywhere you go, you RUN.  And fast.  Sometimes your feet get going faster than your brain I think and you end up tumbling on your face.  You are such a tough little girl though.  Your daddy and I talk about that all the time.  We have seen you have some hard falls and you will often not even shed a tear.  You just get up and keep going.  You have had several bruises all over you face and legs, but that doesn't stop you.
And I'm not sure if you can see it or not, but you had a big scratch across your forehead that was healing in this next picture..
You are totally fearless. and BUSY.  You never stop.  NEVER.  You are constantly in to EVERYTHING.  We can't turn our head from you for a second.  For example, here is a funny (now) story.  Your daddy and I were getting ready for work one morning.  You often love to sit in the bathroom when one of us in the shower and you will sometimes peek around the curtain and stick your hand in at the water. Your daddy was in the shower and I saw you walk in to the bathroom so I figured you were fine in there with him.  He ended up getting out of the shower and coming in to our room where I was putting on my makeup (it was only about 2 minutes after I had seen you walk in the bathroom) and he said "Where is Mary Hyatt?"  I said "Well I thought she was in the bathroom with you."  We immediately sprinted in the hallway to find you, and we were totally shocked when we realized where you were.  You had figured out how to open our back door, climbed down our deck, and was just standing in the back yard enjoying yourself. You just grinned and waved at us when you saw us, like nothing was wrong.  It scared me to death, but we learned our lesson.
At this stage in your life, our house constantly looks like one big tornado went off.  The second I clean something up, you come right behind me and pull it right back out.  I don't mind though, because I love to see you play and explore different things.  This one particular night, you came walking in to the living with a string of toilet paper all the way from the bathroom to the couch.  You of course played around with it for a while and thought it was the most fun thing ever.  I love that you are so amused by the smallest things right now!

You still love your baths.  Your absolute favorite toy hands down is a little set of farm animals that squirt water.  You love to put them on the side of the tub, knock them down, and then do it again.  You also love to point to them and listen to me make their animal sound.

Look at this precious grin of yours in the bathtub the other night?  Pure Joy.  Love seeing those pearly whites in that smile too!

I know I saw this all the time, but this is seriously the most fun stage of all so far.  You are so much fun to watch as you are learning and changing daily and are such a sweet, smart baby. Your daddy and I joke that we would love to have another baby soon if it would come out right at this age.  Don't get me wrong, we loved having you as a newborn and experiencing all of your firsts, but now that we are here, we are realizing that this stage is just so much more fun.  I'm sure it will just continue to get better and better.
Mary Hyatt, you bring so much joy to our lives and we love you more than words can ever express!! I truly love being a mama, and especially love being YOUR mama.  You are such a sweet, sweet, gift and I'm so blessed to have you!

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