Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Shoes to Fill---literally!

Mary Hyatt's latest favorite thing to do is to get in our closet and put on all of our shoes.  We were sitting in the living room one day and she just came walking in with a pair of my tennis shoes on...

 I of course ran to get my camera to take some pictures.  Here she is peeking in to the living room at Ben.  hahaha It was so funny watching her try to walk in these things...surprisingly enough, she was pretty good at it...well, she was good at scootin' them back and forth!
 Then she grabbed an Ann Taylor Loft coupon book out of my purse and started flipping through it.  Yep, my baby is 15 months going on 15 years already!

If we leave shoes out anywhere around the house, she always puts them on.

Even daddy's tennis shoes!!

haha She's a mess!

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