Thursday, October 11, 2012

Decatur vs. Hartselle

A couple of weekends ago we headed back to Decatur for my birthday weekend.  My niece just started the ninth grade this year and she tried out for the flag team and made it.  We of course wanted to make it to a game to get to see her perform.  Decatur was playing Hartselle that weekend so it worked out well that we could just stop at the game on the way home.  After work, we got all dressed in our red and black to support to the ol' alma mater.... Mary Hyatt looked absolutely adorable in her little outfit that was handed down to us from a friend.  I loved it, and it was perfect for the occasion!
When we got to the game and woke Mary Hyatt up, she didn't know what to think about all the lights, people, and noises.  We figured this would be good practice for her because we plan to take her to an Alabama football game later in the season.  On our way to the stadium seats, we ran into the flag team practicing for halftime and I couldn't resist a quick picture of my niece!! Isn't she cute?
When we found our seats Mary Hyatt was still totally out of it and confused from being woken up and brought out to chaos...
But after a while, she loosened up and started pointing and loving it..

And before long, she was up trying to run around everywhere so my sister spent a good bit of time chasing her like this....
I finally decided to take her down to a little paved area between the field and bleachers so that she could run around freely without me worrying about her falling....She was a big fan!!
The indian was down there and she was fascinated by him.  He even came and picked her up, so I of course got a picture!
Her new BFF....
But the thing she loved the most was the cheerleaders.  She stood and watched them forever.  I wish I had a dime for every time I had to stop her from crossing under the rope to get to them.  She wanted to get her hands on those pom poms so badly!  Maybe one day Mary Hyatt.....
I didn't get any pictures of my niece actually performing during halftime.  I was so bummed because they actually had their backs to us since we were considered the "away" team.  They faced the home crowd.  If I had known or thought about it, we would have walked around to the other side.  We did get to watch her though and she did a great job! We were so proud of her!

It was a very entertaining football game as well.  Apparently Hartselle was ranked number 1 in the state, and Decatur actually ended up beating them.  It went down to the last few minutes of the game though!  So exciting! 

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  1. Haha future cheerleader.. Love those pictures! Looks like fun!


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