Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mary Hyatt and Emma

Mary Hyatt absolutely LOVES dogs.  If we are outside walking down the street, or even if I'm just holding her in my arms and she sees a dog far away, she literally starts pointing, oohing, and ahhing and squirming to go after it.  She makes the "woof, woof" sound all the time.  I'm guessing her love for these four legged creatures comes from the fact that her two older siblings are dogs themselves. 
Emma is pretty good with Mary Hyatt.  She has never snapped at her or purposefully tried to hurt her.  Our main problem is that Emma doesn't quite realize how big or strong she is, so will occasionally "play" too rough with Mary Hyatt or will knock her down by running so quickly past her.  Ellie, on the other hand, is not a huge fan of having Mary Hyatt to compete with her for my attention.  Ellie has never hurt Mary Hyatt, but she has snapped at her a couple of times.  Despite Ellie's growls and snapping, Mary Hyatt for some reason is fascinated by her and always chases after her and tries to pull her hair.  I guess I can't blame Ellie, I don't like when people pull my hair either. :) For the most part, Ellie stays far away from Mary Hyatt if at all possible.
one morning before church, Mary Hyatt started loving all over Emma. I yelled for Ben to get my camera and luckily he was quick, becuase I got some good shots.
Emma is thinking she is just going to peacefully "rest" right here.... boy was she wrong!

Mary Hyatt had other plans!! A Little sugar first...
 and some petting...

and of course some crawling on top of Emma and acting weird..... See how good Emma is...she just tolerates it!

Back down to pose for a picture...
 Whew... tough morning, guess it's time to take a nap...
 Just kidding! Do you really think Mary Hyatt could sit still long enough to go to sleep like this on Emma.... no way!
 Instead, she thought it would be cool to sit on Emma and bounce up and down...
haha It was a funny morning.  Sweet, Sweet Emma.  Despite all my negative comments about her, and despite the fact that some days I'm thinking "UGH! Why did we get her?!" she really is a good dog.  So glad she is good with children!

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