Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chase's Football Game

The Saturday after watching Kayli perform at the Decatur High football game, we headed to Cullman to watch my nephew play football. 
They have such a good little team.  They are undefeated. It was fun watching him play.

Mary Hyatt had fun running around with these two kids that were there.  Can't believe my baby is old enough to "play" with random kids at events now. Glad they kept her entertained though!

Look at sweet Chase!  He is growing up!!
He is such a little prankster.  I leaned in to take a picture with him and I said, "Don't touch me, you are all sweaty.  I'll just lean in."  Right before my mom said "3" when counting to take the picture, he reached his arm around me so tight. haha Even though it was yucky, we laughed and I actually am glad he did that because the picture turned out to be a really cute picture with genuine smiles! :)

Later that night my whole family went out to eat for my birthday.  I'm not even going to go in to detail about it, but let's just say it was quite an experience.  We thought we would try a new restaurant that we had heard about and that we had such high hopes for.  I won't mention the name of it or go into details but lets just say that it wasn't near what we had expected. Oh well, it made for good and funny memories. After dinner, everyone came to my parents house to hang out.  I was going to open a present from my parents after putting MH to sleep, and my sister and I were going to play "beauty parlor" with my moms hair to try something new, but unfortunately I fell asleep when putting Mary Hyatt down and didn't wake up until midnight after everybody had left.  I was so bummed.  Oh well, sometimes I guess it's good to go to bed early and get some rest.

Sunday we tried to take a few family pictures but Mary Hyatt was not in the mood so I don't really like any of them...oh well, E for effort!

Overall, it was a great weekend! I always love getting to spend time with family!!

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  1. Those are cute pictures. Love reading your blog we can keep up and live vicariously through it haha!!


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