Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Homecoming Part 2

The next morning after we woke up and ate breakfast my mom and I thought it would be really fun to let all of the little cousins take a bath together. 
 As you can tell by the pictures, that idea backfired and Cole was not a fan at all.  But look at sweet little Abby.  She was trying to comfort him while Mary Hyatt seems oblivious. :)
 So, my mom quickly got Cole out of the bathtub and we let the other two stay in for a while.  Look at this pitiful face...
 After their bath, my sister and her family along with my grandparents all came over to visit and to bring them their Christmas presents.  It was kind of crazy and rushed because my brother/family had to get on the road to head towards New Jersey and didn't want to leave too late.  We still mangaged to squeeze in a little fun though!

 My sister will probably kill me for putting this picture on here... but I think it's cute! ;)
 I love my grandparents!!
 Mary Hyatt loves her Uncle Mark aka "mak" as she calls him. He kept her by himself for about an hour a couple of weeks ago until my sister got home and apparently they did some pretty serious bonding because she's a big fan.
 Chase showing Cole his present... his first train!
 My brother and Tiffany
 My grandmother got the kids these little dolls.  They wobble back and forth and sing a song.  Abby thought they were really funny!!
 I know I'm biased but I really think she is such a beautiful little girl....Love her!
 Precious Cole.  He had to be thinking "what in the world is going on?" haha
 Abby was also a big fan of this Hello Kitty pillow! She is all about Hello Kitty these days!
 Cousing picture!!! Love it!!!
 Sweet Cole..I hate not getting to see him grow during these baby stages!
 He loved his train!
 Tiffany's mom also came over to share in all the fun.
And just like that, they were gone.  It was such a quick and short trip but we are all sooo thankful that they were able to stop in Decatur and we were all able to get together.  We sure do miss them, but are excited for all they have going on! It sure does make all of these little moments extra special though.  We can't wait to see them again!!

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