Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Baby

We took Mary Hyatt to go see Santa Claus right before Thanksgiving this year.  It was a little earlier than we typically would go, but we didn't have to wait in line which is a huge deal when you have a busy and impatient toddler! I got Mary Hyatt all dressed up in her Christmas attire and we were off...

Of course since Santa was right beside the carousel we couldn't resist a quick ride or two!  Mary Hyatt is OBSESSED with carousel these days.  We literally can't walk near one without her pointing and squirming to get to it. And, since MH has Ben and I both wrapped around her finger, we typically let her ride it almost every time we are there. After all, who could resist these kind of faces?
 Pure joy!!

After the carousel, we went to see the big guy himself.  I wondered how it would go this year.  Mary Hyatt is such a social baby and will typically go to anyone so I wondered if this would transfer to Santa.  I guess the big red suit and fluffy beard threw her for a loop though because she had a meltdown of all meltdowns when I tried to put her in his lap.  She clung to my neck and literally wouldn't let go, so I decided to sit with her which totally appeased her. So, we don't have the traditional picture of her crying with the big guy, but we did get this one:

 I made sure to tell Santa exactly what Mary Hyatt wants for Christmas this year! ;)

And just for fun, I'm adding a few pictures of Mary Hyatt from this past week. She has so much personality and it cracks us up!
 I can't get over how grown up she looks in this picture! : (
 Such a happy baby!  

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