Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas with Mimi and Chuck

On Christmas Eve we headed over to Huntsville to visit with Ben's grandparents and extended family.  Here is MH enjoying some lovin' from her Great grandmother Mimi!
We all enjoyed a delicious meal.  After Mary Hyatt finished eating at our table, she made her way into the big adult table to find her Lovie and Granddaddy.  My child is not shy at all.  Of course she put on a show to steal all the attention!

And then she grabbed a little lovin' from great grandfather Chuck.
After dinner we exchanged gifts.  All the grandchildren played dirty santa with "As Seen on TV" gag gifts.  I went home with some wonderful grout cleaner. haha Fun times.

Here is Mary Hyatt and Sally waiting on everyone to come in the room.  Apparently it has been a standing joke in the family that they are sitting on "the most comfortable couch ever." 

We enjoyed having Chelsea in the family this year.  She and Ben's cousin, Luke, got married recently so this was her first official Christmas with us.  Mary Hyatt was a big fan of her.  Every time I turned around she was sitting in her lap or Chelsea was holding her. 
We especially loved getting to spend some time with our new cousin Ellie.  She is 6 months old, so they can't quite "play" together yet, but I bet next year will be a different story!
After we finished with gifts and finished visiting, everyone left to go to the Christmas Eve service at Mimi and Chuck's church.  We opted not to go since it had been a long day for Mary Hyatt and we knew there was no way she could sit quiet and confined in a pew in the sanctuary.  When we got back to Decatur, we did make a quick stop over at our friends, Whitney and Brian's, house to exchange gifts.  This was Mary Hyatt's first time to meet Baby O. I'm not sure she knew what to think .
She definitely didn't like it when I tried to hold the baby.  She whined and squeezed her way up in to my arms until I was eventually forced to give her to someone else.  That's not a good sign for one day (in the distant future :)) when a sibling hopefully comes along.
We can't wait for these two girls to grow up playing together.  We hope they will be the best of friends, just like their parents!

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