Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas with the Adams'

This year we did things a little different than years past.  Because our family is getting so big and we have so many different schedules to try to coordinate around, we decided to do Christmas with Ben's family a little earlier than usual.  We did it the Friday before Christmas and we did it in Birmingham at our house since it was kind of a central location for us all.  Ben and I really liked it this year because we were able to space everything out and really enjoy it instead of feeling rushed to get to the next place. We all ate dinner, opened presents and then just hung out for a little while.  It was great to all be together.  I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking!

Mary Hyatt got a new wagon from her Lovie and Granddaddy.  She was a big fan of it! (and so are we!)  We left it in our living room for a while and she would put all of her toys in it and just sit and play.  We've already taken a family walk with it and she sat in it the whole ride without wanting to get out...which was not the case with her other ride on toys. I can tell we will be spending lots of time with this thing in the coming years!

Our family has really grown this year.   This was the first year that Courtney (Jack's wife) and Kris (Meg's husband) were officially part of the family and part of our Christmas celebration.  Sally's boyfriend (below) also joined in on the fun! It's great being a part of a big family!
This basketball goal was also a huge hit with Mary Hyatt.  She knew exactly what to do (how do they learn these things?!).  Oh, and just for the record, she is wearing an Alabama onesie below because I put it on her in honor of her Uncle Jack.  Jack had bought this onesie for us for Christmas back when I was pregnant and didn't even know if I was having a boy or girl.  We all gave him a hard time because it was so big and she wouldn't be able to wear it for a while.  Can't believe we are already at the point where she can officiall wear it! My baby is growing up!

The next morning we got up early and headed to Decatur to meet up with Ben's grandmother.  We exchanged a few more gifts and had fun catching up with her as well. 

By the time I finally tried to get a picture of MH with Granny, Mary Hyatt had had enough.  It was definitely time for a nap!

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