Monday, January 7, 2013

Gingerbread House

I couldn't resist buying a gingerbread house kit this year.  When we got home from my grandmothers, we tried to put it together.  I thought it would be really simple.

but I was wrong. haha  Icing got everywhere and we had the toughest time getting the walls to stand up on their own.
Mary Hyatt didn't mind thought because that just meant the more we tried, the more icing we used, and the more she ate!
Ben and I were determined to make it work.
And Mary Hyatt was determined to eat as much sugar as she possibly could.
We did finally get it done.  Mary Hyatt was far from amused this year.  She did help put a few pieces of candy on the house, but for the most part she just enjoyed eating it.  Not sure that I'll ever buy one of these kits again, but if I do, maybe I'll wait a few years!

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