Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day-

Be prepared for a good laugh with this post.  

One night last week while Ben went to play basketball at church, Mary Hyatt and I were bored with nothing to do at home.  Because Valentine's Day was just two days away, I got the bright idea to let Mary Hyatt paint her grandparents a picture.  Pinterest had informed me that a great place to let toddlers paint is in the bath tub because it keeps them confined and it's easy clean up! I loved that idea!  I found some red and white paint that I had leftover from Christmas and we went to work.  I originally started off trying to make a specific hand/foot print picture, but Mary Hyatt was just dying to get in the paint freely so I caved and decided to let her just make each picture her own.  She had a blast!

 Paint was everywhere! She grinned and laughed the whole time and continuously asked for "mo" (ie. more) paint.  We were having a great time!  When she finished finger painting all of her pictures, I cleaned her up and then came back to clean the tub.  This is where the night gets a little funny.
 All the paint came off the sides of the tub beautifully.  However, when I got to the bottom of the tub, the paint wasn't budging.  I tried all kinds of cleaners and magic erasers and nothing worked.  Apparently because our bathroom is so old, the bottom of the tub isn't smooth like the sides and it's kind of grainy so the paint soaked in.  Our bath tub seriously looks like a murder scene...want to see?
 Yep... that is it after several minutes of scrubbing and cleaning.  It still looks like that today.

Really all we could do was laugh. This was definitely a pinterest fail!  We are hoping to try some paint thinner this weekend to see if that will get it off and if not then we will have to paint over it.  Talk about a disaster!  The funny part is, it's not like we were even making anything extra cool.  This is how Mary Hyatt's pictures turned out...each one was different and unique with her own special touch.  I just drew a heart on them to try to give it some order haha.

I made sure to send the recipients a letter explaining how much trouble these precious pictures caused haha.  I hope they cherrish them forever!  haha

I made these cute little treats for all of Mary Hyatt's friends at school.  I loved the way they turned out! I actually copied the idea from a friend,talesofapeanut.com, so I can't take all the credit! They sure were a hit though! :)

Mary Hyatt got several special treats in the mail for Valentine's Day.  She sure loves a surprise! Here she is holding $1 that her great grandmother Mama Frankie sent her!  She didn't quite know what it was but she thought it was pretty cool.  We've decided to start saving any money that is given to her through the years and we'll give it to her when she graduates high school.  This was the first official dollar added to her piggy bank!
 Such a silly girly girl... loves her sunglasses, loves $$, and loves boots of all kinds!
 Lookout world!

On this particular night, Ben was playing basketball again at church.  I was getting ready to give Mary Hyatt a bath.  I started the bath water while she was playing in the living room and I decided to go change my clothes real quick. (Remember, Mary Hyatt was playing in the living room). I walked in the bathroom to check the water and I found Mary Hyatt just like this....

 She had quietly climbed in the bath tub by herself (first time she'd ever done that) with ALL of her clothes on and ipod in hand. (don't worry, it doesn't work.  It's her pretend ipod!)  She literally was grinning ear to ear.  She knew she had done something sneaky.  I couldn't help but laugh.
 I then tried to take her clothes off of her to finish the whole bath and this is what I got...
Never a dull moment in our house these days!!

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