Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Play Date at Church

A couple weeks ago our church hosted a preschool play date in our gym.  We had nothing to do so we decided to meet our friends, the Cupps, for some fun.  The girls loved it! They had a couple of blow ups, lots of balls, slides, tunnels etc for them to play in.  It was just for toddlers so it was great nothing having to worry about any big kids accidentally hurting the littles.  We loved watching the girls play together and Mary Hyatt had a blast! It is so fun being able to watch her enjoy things like this these days!

What was funny is that I literally turned to Haley and said "This can't be a good decision for me to bring Mary Hyatt to this knowing she has to get pictures made in the morning.  She is probably going to go home with some black eye or something."  Literally two minutes after saying that, our girls accidently bumped in to each other.  Jane Reable banged her nose on Mary Hyatt's forehead...
It actually resulted in a huge nosebleed.  Luckily after a little TLC, Jane Reable was ok and it really didn't seem to phase Mary Hyatt.  She did have a huge red bump on her forehead but it went away by the next morning. 
It was a fun night! I'm so thankful for a church that has such an awesome children's program!

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