Sunday, May 5, 2013

Family Gathering

A few weeks ago we got to have a fun birthday celebration for Ben's grandmother (Granny)  at our house in Birmingham.  It was such a fun and special day.  

All of the family gathered at our house for lunch. Aunt Meg and Uncle Kris were even in town all the way from Jacksonville, Florida! 

It was great getting to all catch up.  Even Ben's Aunt and Uncle and his Great Aunt came!

Ben's (step) cousin (his Aunts stepdaughter) has adopted two children from the Republic of Congo.  We had seen pictures of them before but had never gotten the chance to actually  meet them in person.  This made the day even more special because we got to meet these sweet kiddos!  Mary Hyatt sure had a lot of fun playing with them! They were precious!
Of course whats a celebration without cake?   I spent almost the whole night before the party preparing this cake....
Aren't you proud?

hahaha Just kidding... Ben's mom got it from a bakery near our house.

We sang and let Granny blow out her candles.
Unfortunately I didn't do a great job at taking many more pictures.  I do have these last two though.

It was pretty funny that so many people were in our little, teeny, tiny rental house.  We were definitely packed like sardines!
But, I think it was perfect and I seriously loved having everybody over!  I am so thankful Ben's mom arranged such a fun day! We love family gatherings and especially loved celebrating Granny and meeting the two newest additions to the family! I hope we can do it again soon!

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