Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dancing Queen

At the beginning of May we went to my cousin, Julia's wedding.  Have I mentioned before that Mary Hyatt LOVES weddings and she loves to dance?  She has been to several weddings in her short little life and at all of them we have found her right smack dab in the middle of the dance floor for most of the night.  Julia's wedding was no exception!

At the time she was about 22 months old.  She danced for at least a solid 30-45 minutes.  She was like the energizer bunny.  It was pretty funny because she was oblivious to everybody around her too. There were several times that she would squirm her way back in the crowd and start breaking it down, to which I had to go get her for fear that she would get trampled on.  Here is a short 2 minute video of some of her best dance moves...I hate to admit it, but my almost 2 year old did "drop it like it's hot" on one occasion.  I actually wasn't videoing then so I don't have it on camera but it was hilarious.  You can see her holding her arms up at times though, and at the end she looks like a college girl holding a water bottle and chugging it one handed while continuing to dance.  I promise it was just water in the bottle! :)

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