Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pre-Birthday Prep and the Actual Birthday

Mary Hyatt,

The night before your actual birthday we decided to make cupcakes for your class.  Of course we had to let the birthday girl help us make them and you were so excited! There was a constant grin across your face. You thought you were so big, and I must admit, my heart hurt a little bit because I realized that you ARE so big! (Where has the time gone?!)

We made a pretty big mess and batter ended up all over the kitchen but that's what is suppose to happen, right?

Giggles were heard constantly...especially when you quickly stuck your finger in the batter to get a taste before we could stop you! 

 We made Mickey Mouse funfetti cupcakes.  Unfortunately you had already gone to bed by the time the cupcakes were out of the over, cooled, and ready to be decorated so your daddy and I did that ourselves.  I thought they turned out super cute!

Mary Hyatt, the next morning,  your actual birthday, your daddy got up super early to make you a delicious breakfast.  He made eggs, bacon, and mickey mouse shaped pancakes. What a sweet daddy you have!

We headed to school after that.  I came down to your classroom for your afternoon snack to join your "party."  Your friends all sang "Happy Birthday" to you and you sang right along with them.  They all thoroughly enjoyed their cupcakes and so did you!
 This is one of your sweet friends.  She is actually a year older than you and will move up to the next class in August, but you sure do love playing with her right now and talk about her constantly.
 Your class had a dance party after snack and it was the cutest thing.  Your teacher played music and you all jumped around and hugged each other. I took off the rest of the day so that you and I could spend some time together.  We went to a place called iJump that has tons of huge inflatable slides and bounce houses.  You weren't scared at all and successfully made your way to the top of the highest slide!

You slid over and over...even head first a couple of times. 

Your favorite thing was playing in the big ball pit.  You would climb up on the ledge on the side and then jump in.

You jumped in the bounce house as well and loved it even though it made me super nervous because there were some big kids in there with you.  They didn't slow you down though!

After iJump, we headed home to meet up with daddy and let you open up a few presents from us.  I didn't take any pictures but you loved opening them this year.  After letting you play with your new toys for about 10 minutes we had to leave because our street was actually having a neighborhood cookout that we were attending.  You had such a fun time playing with all the little kids on our street.

You even got to eat cupcakes again!
 The neighborhood crowd of about 40 people sang happy birthday to you.  You cracked us up because this was your face the entire time.  You hated it.
 At the end you busted out crying. haha I think it overwhelmed you being the center of attention with a bunch of "strangers" staring at you. As soon as the singing was over though, you dug right in and were happy again.  You are just like your mama and daddy... you love your sweets!

It was a fun and a sentimental day for me.  Just to keep it real, it was actually pretty funny because your daddy and I went so out of our way all day long to try to make your day extra special.  You actually were much more ornery and whiny the whole day than you usually are.  You pitched a few more temper tantrums than usual and really worked hard to push my buttons. Oh well... I guess that is part of being 2 and all day we just kept saying to each other, "It's her birthday, she can cry if she wants to!" 

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