Thursday, September 26, 2013

27 Months

**Disclaimer:  I actually wrote this post about 2 weeks ago and basically just wrote whatever came to mind at that moment.  I saved it as a "draft" with the intentions of going back and editing it so that the post would be organized and  I had intentions of uploading pictures to my computer so that I could upload them as well as videos this post..However, life has been extremely hectic over the last month and we are making huge changes (which deserves a post all in itself) so the blog has taken a ride in the back seat.  Due to limited time, I have decided not to go back and edit this post or add pictures and I'm just going to post it in it's raw form so that I can at least remember all of these things that I want to remember about this stage.  So excuse my crazy post, but enjoy reading about Mary Hyatt at 27 months!!!

I'm not sure when I'll decide to quit doing these monthly posts--probably never.  I'm obviously not doing them on any kind of schedule anymore.  Mostly just when I feel the need to update on the things you are doing.

Mary Hyatt you are So. Much. Fun these days. You have developed so much personality.  You are so outgoing, strong willed, silly and energetic.

Your vocabulary and expressive language is out of control.  Everywhere we go people are always commenting on how well you talk.  Rarely do we meet a stranger that doesn't comment on your talking.  You are putting 5-6 words together making grammatically correct sentences at times.  I laugh because in school I learned that we should expect 2 year olds to be putting at least two word phrases together.  You blow that standard out of the water!  Sometimes I worry that people will think you are older than you are or that you can "understand" or are more "mature" than you are because of your language.  I have to remind myself all the time that you are still just 2 years old and still "think" and "reason" like a 2 year old.

Your play has dramatically changed in the last couple of months.  You now truly "pretend" play.  I have found you moving your Little People toys in your doll house and pretending to make them talk.  You talk to your baby dolls constantly.  Speaking of baby dolls, we are entering the phase where you want to take a baby with you everywhere.  The other day we let your baby ride with us to school.  I told you that you had to leave it in the car so that we didn't lose it.  You picked up your baby and said "Baby, I come back and get you.  Give me big hug. I love you."  My heart almost exploded in to a million pieces.

We love to listen to a children's christian cd that I bought at target one day.  It melts my heart to hear you sing the words to the songs.  Your favorites are "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands,"  "God is so Good" and "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."   You often say "Mommy I want Whole World" or "Mommy I want God is Good" or "Mommy I want Follow Jesus."  I never hesitate to turn it to those songs when you request them and we both sing as loudly as we possibly can.

You are starting to enter the phase where you say things that are so funny and cute.  I wish I could just bottle up your sweet voice and inflection and keep it forever.  It is so cute.  Off the top of my head, some of the funny things that you are saying these days are:

  • "What time is it?"   (We answer.) Then you say "Ok."   and leave it at that, as if you really understand what "time" means.  We have no idea why or how you even learned to ask about the time haha but it cracks us up every time. 
  • Mama your name is "kissin". haha You put emphasis on the syllables that make you sound so "ghetto" if I should even say that.
  • You love to count but when you do you always say 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10!  No matter how hard we have tried to tell you that you are leaving out numbers, 4-6 you don't care and never add them in!
  • "Covers up."  -Anytime you want a blanket over you, you say "I want covers up" or you will say "Mama you want covers up?" or "baby needs covers up."
  • "Peas"-- You have started to throw some temper tantrums when things don't go your way.  I always tell you to "use your words" to tell me what you want or if you are whining or saying "no!" (which is common these days) I always tell you "I want to hear nice and calm words."  You instantly stop what you are doing and saying "Peas mommy I want ___ peas." You think you have to say "please" multiple times and your inflection and the way you say it is so sweet and so cute that I usually  will reinforce it and give you whatever it is you are asking for. 

Your favorite thing to watch on TV these days is "Finding Nemo."  We watch it over, and over, and over!  You still love The Lion King, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the movie Cars, and Thomas the Train too but usually Nemo wins least this week!

Sleeping is finally getting a little better! You are officially sleeping in your big girl toddler bed!  We converted your crib to the toddler bed where you can get in and out of it on your own.  I hate to admit it, but I actually have to lay down with you for about 20 minutes every night but you usually sleep until around 5 the next morning.  Usually somewhere between 5-6 you walk in to our room and pat on daddy's arm.  We then just let you get in the bed with us for an extra hour.  (I know bad habit but when we have long work/school days ahead, the battle of making you get back in your bed at that point in the morning isn't worth it to us!)

Occasionally you do have some trouble going to sleep and I usually leave you by yourself after 20 minutes.  Sometimes you cry and we just let you tough it out.  Occasionally you will yell "Mommy you rock me?" in the sweetest voice known to man. Again, I know I am reinforcing this behavior, but I usually can't resist and I go back and rock you for a little while.  There is nothing sweeter than to feel you cuddled up on my chest and to see how just my presence soothes you completely and calms you down.  I know one day I will long to rock you and you will have nothing to do with it so I'm trying to cherrish these moments when they happen.

You are so complimentary these days.  You often say "Mommy, I like your shirt." or "Mommy I like your necklace." etc.  The other night you said "Mommy, I like your eyes. and I like your nose."  We laughed.  I hope you always have such a sweet spirit like that.

You love clothes.  It totally baffles your daddy and I how much you have a preference for what you wear these days.  If we pick something out that you don't like, you will throw a tantrum.  We have had to start pulling out two outfits and letting you make a choice each day.  This way, I still have most control over what you wear but it gives you a little control too.  On the weekends, there have been days where you have worn the same thing three days in a row.  You will find this specific striped shirt from Target with these pink shorts and you beg to wear it all the time.  You even find a picture on my phone of yourself wearing one of your favorite outfits and you say "Mommy, I wear this morrow."  Most of your favorite outfits are my least favorites. Go figure.   One morning I gave you the choice to wear your most favorite outfit and you would have thought I hung the moon.  You grinned from ear to ear and you instantly ran to your daddy, held your shirt out, and said "Daddy, look my dress!"  "This my favorite outfit!"

You are a growing girl.  You weigh 26-27 pounds.  You are wearing mostly 2T clothes, with some 18 months things and some 3T things just depending on how they run.  You eat non-stop.  You still eat almost anything we give you, but I do think you are becoming a tad bit more picky.

Mary Hyatt, you are seriously such a joy to both your daddy and me.  We truly feel so blessed to be your parents and can't imagine life without you! I just wish I could slow down the time a little!

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