Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Rest of Thanksgiving

On Wednesday after work, the three of us headed to Decatur to get ready for our Thanksgiving festivities. Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year. Ben's brother, Jack, recently got engaged!! (Yay! We are so thrilled!!) so his family headed down south over Thanksgiving to meet Jack's fiance, Courtney's, family. Ben, MH, and I still headed to Decatur to spend some time with my family. My family is also going through some changes this year so Thanksgiving was just a little different for us altogether, but it was still great getting to spend some time at home. As I've mentioned before, I'm somewhat of a homebody and I love spending time with family so I especially love the holidays! Looks like MH may have gotten a little of my love for family time too... She enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with her sweet cousin Abby!
Then on Thanksgiving day, we headed to my grandmother's house where Mary Hyatt got some more lovin' from her other cousin Kayli!
And some lovin' from her Nana and Pappy..
And of course some from Aunt Tasha.
Everyone else loved on Mary Hyatt all day too, but unfortunately I didn't catch a picture of everyone! oops! Mary Hyatt sure enjoyed all the extra attention!
Here is a picture of my grandmother, Mama Frankie, with her baby "Opie." Opie is one of Ellie's old puppies. Remember them from this post?
We ate a delicious lunch cooked mostly by my grandmother with a few extra sides from my sister, mom, and me.
and of course after that fulfilling meal some of us couldn't resist a few zzz's.... haha
This little one did not want to take a nap. She just wanted to play, play, play!
It was a fun day and we have so much to be thankful for this year. Ben and I are especially thankful for this sweet girl!! She makes everything so much more fun and fills our life with so much joy!
Here are a few other random pictures that I took the day after Thanksgiving. We pretty much just lounged around all day and then my mom, sister, and I ran a few errands. We left MH with Ben and the boys...and of course Abby..and Tiffany until she had to go to work!
Ellie got a pretty big hair cut right before Thanksgiving...unfortunately, her hair had gotten matted so I had to get her totally shaved. She doesn't like it, especially since its so cold now, but at least she has a sweater! :)

Up next.. Iron Bowl..

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